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2022 Data

Issued April, 2023
Data for calendar year 2022 is currently available. This data was released in April, 2023 and is available on a no-charge basis.

Current Year State Data
Click on the map to download the current year Home Energy Affordability Gap data for the selected state. Each download consists of a single zip file that contains the following elements:

  • The state Affordability Gap Fact Sheet;
  • The state Affordability Gap Dashboard; and
  • The county-level data tables for the state.

Current Year Summary Data
Summary-level Fact Sheets were compiled for the Total US and for each of the nine geographic regions defined by the US Census. Download this pdf file.

Historical Data

Historical Data 2nd Series
Access prior year 2nd Series Home Energy Affordability Gap data by selecting the desired year below. 2nd Series Affordability Gap data is not available for years prior to 2012.

2012  |   2013  |   2014  |   2015

2016  |   2017  |   2018  |   2019

2020  |   2021  |   2022

Historical Affordability Gap Data 1st Series
2002 through 2011

The 2012 Home Energy Affordability Gap introduces the 2nd Series of FSC's annual Affordability Gap analysis. The data for 2012 and forward cannot be directly compared to the Affordability Gap (1st Series) data for 2011 and earlier years. While remaining fundamentally the same, several improvements have been introduced in both data and methodology.

With that caution, Affordability Gap (1st Series) data is still available through the following link:
Historical 1st Series data

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